We are Sossna Spinnerets ®, an internationally active micro hole and spinneret manufacturer.

Our great advantage is that we are specialized in both, the design and manufacture of spinnerets, and in spinning process technology.

Usually, spinnerets and spin packs are manufactured according to customer’s drawings or samples.

Based on our technological experiences, we are in the position to provide additional professional service for the development of new spinnerets or changes to existing spinneret hole dimensions and profiles, including optimization and modification of spin pack design.

By calculating melt shear rates and pressure drops across the spinneret plate and the spin pack filtration system, we can minimize problems such as high pack pressure or poor melt distribution above the spinneret prior to extrusion of the filaments.

Inspection and repair

A free of charge inspection and repair service is provided for all kind of spinnerets and micro holes made by Sossna Spinnerets ®.

Please contact for details.

Novelty yarns

Special support is available for the development of spinnerets for novelty yarns.

Please contact for details.

ISO 9001 Certification

Our production as well as our design division is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, underlining our efforts for high precision and best quality products and services.