Company Profile

Sossna GmbH was founded in 1985 as a German-based engineering company specialized in the chemical fibre industry. Our product range comprises all kinds of spinnerets for melt spinning of multifilaments and staple fibres, spin packs, complete spin packs and spinnerets for bi-component spinning, spin dies for melt blown, spun bond and spun laced non-wovens. We are known as a reliable partner and supplier of spinnerets and spin packs to the chemical fibre industry all over the world.

Sossna GmbH is specialized in both the manufacturing of spinnerets and in spinning process technology. Spinnerets and spin packs from samples or drawings can be supplied, and – in addition – professional service for the development of new spinnerets or changes to existing spinneret hole dimensions and profiles, including optimization and modification of spin pack design, is provided.

A network of representatives supports the sales and service of our products. Please contact for the representative responsible for your area.